EPS100 Heat Recovery Solution

8MW Nameplate Capacity

Echogen’s EPS100 Heat Recovery System is an advanced Rankine Cycle for usable (waste) heat recovery. Our patent-pending technologies operate over a broad range of heat sources to extract a significant amount of energy and convert it into higher value, usable power.

We use industrial-grade CO2 as the working fluid, which allows our system to deliver reliable power from a more compact, flexible, and low-cost thermal engine.

Echogen’s economic, emission-free power will enable fuel-intensive operations to lower the cost of energy, meet higher environmental standards, and improve bottom-line performance.

EPS7 Heat Recovery System Watch our video on the EPS100

Component Design
Generator Synchronous 13.8 kV
Turbomachinery  CO2 turbopump, power turbine
Design Standards
Pressure Vessel Construction ASME Section VIII
Piping ASME 31.3
Electrical Components NEMA4, IEEE
Working Fluid CO2, industrial-grade
Controls PLC based
Remote Monitoring LAN/WAN
Operation Designed for remote control
Package Skid-based
Standard Conditions
Ambient Temperature °C 15 °F 59
Relative Humidity % 60 % 60
Waste Heat Supply Temperature °C 532 °F 990
Waste Heat Flow Rate kg/s 68 lb/s 150
Waste Heat Input kW 33,300 MMBTU/h 114
Electrical Output
Gross Output 8.6 MW
Net Output 8.0 MW (air-cooled configuration)
General Specifications
Voltage Output* VAC 13.8k, 3-phase
Frequency* Hz 60
Main Enclosure Size Envelope (L x W x H) m 15 × 4 × 4 ft 50 × 12 × 12
Weight, Dry kg 64,000 lb 140,000
Generator SkidSize Envelope (L x W x H) m 4.5 × 2.5 × 3 ft 14 × 8 × 10
Weight, Dry kg 27,000 lb 60,000
Electrical HouseSize Envelope (L x W x H) m 10 × 6 × 4 ft 34 × 19 × 12
Weight, Dry kg 9,000 lb 20,000
Other equipment not specified: waste heat exchanger, cooling system, CO2 storage tank, lube oil cooler
*Additional voltage and frequency specifications available (50Hz)
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