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Echogen has positioned itself as an industry leading developer of sCO2 technology and has built a robust and validated model base and laboratory capabilities through years of testing and development work.

Echogen’s test resources consist of an on-site laboratory space, existing sCO 2 flow loop, a suite of internally and externally developed simulation software and assorted fabrication equipment. The flow loop consists of a positive displacement pump capable of providing flow of 0.35 kg/s at pressures up to 20 MPa, valving, recuperative heat exchangers (tube-in-tube and printed circuit types), CO 2 to air and/or water-cooling capability, an inventory control system, and an Allen Bradley control system for data acquisition, process monitoring and control. The adjacent shop is equipped for light fabrication and assembly, and a full range of fabrication capabilities are available at nearby commercial machine shops that Echogen has worked closely with in the past.

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