ETES Benefits

Electro-thermal energy storage (ETES) offers key advantages over other advancing technologies. For example, Chemical battery solutions have limitations (cost, performance, cycles, materials, environmental, health & safety, degradation, etc.) which are exacerbated as storage duration requirements lengthen.

Key advantages

  1. Low capital cost
  2. No augmentation costs
  3. Higher projected reliability
  4. Low environmental impact

Capital Cost and LCOS

ETES capital cost and levelized cost of storage (LCOS) compares very favorably versus li-ion battery systems, with increasing advantage as storage time increases above 6 hours.

Environmentally Friendly

Echogen ETES sand and concrete storage materials are relatively benign to operate and dispose of. This is a contrast to the many metal chemistries of fixed and flow electrolyte batteries, as well as more exotic storage materials of other ETES systems. Thus, the Echogen ETES system maintains a low environmental footprint through its value chain.

Why CO2?

  • CO2 is the best fluid for ETES, providing high-performance, low cost and low impact
  • Charging: CO2 is one of the first heat pump fluids ever used (charging cycle), and condenses near 0°C
  • Generating: CO2 power cycles are commercially available today
  • CO2 properties allow for high round-trip efficiency (> 60%) while using low-cost materials
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