About Us

Echogen is a producer of scalable heat-to-power systems. Our process captures heat energy—which would normally be lost—and converts into higher value, usable power. Echogen offers a cost-effective solution to monetize our customers’ otherwise wasted heat.

We serve companies that:

  • Generate significant levels of heat as a byproduct of their processes
  • Have increased savings and efficiency goals
  • Are determined to meet rigorous environmental standards
  • Seek to impact their bottom line to drive shareholder value

In essence, Echogen delivers practical, sustainable, and cost-efficient returns on energy invested.

About Us

Our Purpose

We exist to advance energy for a cleaner future.

Our Vision

We aim to become the power producing engine of choice.

Our Mission

By providing an efficient, cost-effective, and reliable clean energy option, we will help our partners and customers increase the return on their energy investment.

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