Waste Heat Systems

Echogen’s Heat Recovery System is an advanced power generation cycle for usable waste heat recovery.

Our engineers have leveraged the proven steam Rankine cycle technology to yield significant improvements in:

  • Performance
  • Sustainability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost savings over existing solutions.

We achieve this by harnessing CO2 in a closed loop, which allows us to deliver a more compact, flexible, and low-cost thermal engine to our customer.

Echogen provides a standard solution that can be configured to fit our customers’ unique needs. Our compact heat engine can source power reliably from an array of processes in industrial, geothermal, and marine applications.

Our scalable heat engine is able to deliver a wide range of power outputs, currently from 1 to 9 MW of net power but feasible up to 500+ MW. Our flexible system allows our customers to source power back to their facility, or to sell to the local utility for alternative returns.

At Echogen, our customers' needs are our first consideration, and we work to provide the best solution and service to them. So let's talk about how we can improve your bottom line. Fill out the contact form on this page today.

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