ETES System Overview

The Echogen Electro-thermal Energy Storage (ETES) system provides an economic, independent, reliable, long-life, electrical energy storage system.

Electro-thermal energy storage (ETES) offers key advantages:

  • Low capital cost, no battery replacement and recycle costs, and higher projected reliability versus the incumbent battery offering
  • Low environmental impact versus batteries and other new storage technologies
  • Smaller footprint than today’s battery systems at large sizes
  • ETES is a natural extension of Echogen’s $85 million investment in water-free, sCO2 power cycles, offering a faster path to commercialization than other technologies

The ETES system uses a thermodynamic cycle that transforms energy between electricity and heat:

Charging cycle

  • Heat pump (refrigeration) cycle
  • Uses electrical power to move heat from a cold reservoir to a hot reservoir
  • Creates stored energy as both “heat” and “cold”

Generating cycle

  • Heat engine (power) cycle
  • Uses heat stored in hot reservoir to generate electrical power
  • “Cold” energy improves performance of heat engine

CO2 is the best fluid for ETES, offering high performance, low cost and low impact:

  • Charging: CO 2 is one of the first heat pump fluids ever used (charging cycle), and condenses near 0°C
  • Generating: CO 2 power cycles are commercially available today
  • CO 2 properties allow for high round-trip efficiency (> 60%) while using low-cost materials
  • Other fluids (air, helium, argon) require larger temperature extremes (<-50°C to >500°C), more expensive materials (molten salts, stainless steel)

Echogen is executing a $3M contract to ARPA-E to design and build a proof-of concept kW scale ETES system, employing low cost high temperature storage materials such as concrete and moving/fluidized bed of sand. In parallel, efforts are underway to identify partners and a host site for a 10MW demonstration, using the already proven EPS 100 CO 2 engine.

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