Small Company in Akron May Hold Key to Limiting Emissions


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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Phil Brennan, CEO, Echogen Power Systems.

On a recent Price of Business show, Host Kevin Price interviewed Phil Brennan, CEO, Echogen Power Systems,  and about how his small company has driven innovation with Siemens, an industrial behemoth.

“As President Biden pushes for American made good and services, Echogen is providing a unique platform technology that is nearly almost all exclusively produced in America,” says Brennan, an Irishman who has called Akron, Ohio home for over 14 years.

“Our passion for innovation has already made us a leader in our field,” says Brennan. “Today, we are a proud provider of an advanced waste heat recovery system that uses CO2 as its working fluid, the first of its kind to provide at a commercial scale, allowing for a more compact, lighter and economical solution. We offer an engine that is one of the most cost-effective in the industry.”

According to a statement from the company, “Echogen Power Systems, founded in 2007, is a private company headquartered in Akron, Ohio, commercializing the harnessing of waste heat for power and cooling applications. Echogen developed a breakthrough waste heat to power technology. The founders came together with a common goal: to capture lost heat and transform it into energy that would improve global sustainability and provide consumers with a source of low-cost, emission-free electricity.”

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