Siemens Energy to build first-of-its-kind waste heat- to-power facility in Canada


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In Canada, Siemens Energy signed an agreement with Canada-based TC Energy Corporation to commission a novel waste heat-to-power pilot installation in Alberta. The facility will capture waste heat from a gas-fired turbine operating at a pipeline compression station and convert it into emissions-free power.

The electricity produced will be put back into the grid– resulting in estimated greenhouse gas reductions of 44,000 tons per year, equivalent to taking more than 9,000 vehicles off the road. The new facility is expected to be commissioned toward the end of 2022 and could generate enough electricity to power more than 10,000 homes.

As part of the agreement with TC Energy, Siemens Energy will build, own, and operate the facility, with the option for ownership to be transferred back to TC Energy at a later date.

Siemens Energy has licensed Echogen Power System’s patented technology. Echogen’s technology uses sCO2 as the working fluid in a closed-loop power cycle to collect waste heat from the source and convert it to electrical power. By deploying sCO2-based waste heat recovery solutions, industrial operators in the oil & gas, power generation, steel, and cement industries can extract greater value than steam and organic Rankine cycle alternatives. Unlike classical steam-based systems, sCO2 cycles can start and operate autonomously, with zero water consumption and zero risks of freezing, especially important in remote cold-weather sites. And unlike organic Rankine cycle systems, sCO2 power systems operate without large quantities of flammable, environmentally damaging fluids. Echogen’s sCO2 power cycle technology offers flexible, low-cost, environmentally-friendly waste heat recovery for a cleaner, more sustainable world. heat-to-power-facility-in-canada/

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